Self Care

In PAN at the moment we are running a parenting program for challenging behaviours called Take3.  So far so good, we seem to be getting some good feedback and hope the parents are enjoying the course.

One of the areas some of us have been struggling a little is with self care, which is something that the course includes.

Why do some of us find it so hard to give ourselves a bit of time, why is it so hard to put ourselves first every so often.

An analogy which I often use is the one about putting your oxygen mask on first if a plane is going down.  How can you put on your child’s oxygen mask if you aren’t breathing?

Its the same with parenting, how can you look after your child if you are running on empty?

Take3 asks us to do something small, two or three times a week, to allow us time to think and put ourselves first.  This could be as simple as having a walk outside in the fresh air, or listening to our favourite song.  It could be having a coffee with friends or a bubble bath and face mask.  As I’m writing this, I’m thinking “a face mask would only take 5 minutes of my time up”, but I know I would put the mask on and instead of sitting and relaxing, I would probably wash the pots with the mask on or check my emails.  Why is it so hard to allow ourselves this time out?

I would love you to comment with some ideas for self care which are easy to do when you have an SEN child or reasons why you think its so hard to put ourselves first for 5 minutes.


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