People who make rude comments

Today I read a comment on our Facebook site about a rude comment that had been made about a members additional needs child and it got me thinking.

Whilst I don’t advocate physical violence it’s something that I think many parents consider in these circumstances. I guess we should be sensible though and consider a few things:-

  • The age of the person making the comment- lets face it, people of the older generation on the whole don’t have as much understanding of some of the hidden disabilities such as ASC and ADHD.  I’m not saying that’s ok but it’s the way it is.  Should we get worked up about their ignorance? Or should we feel sorry for them?
  • Were they saying it to be hurtful on purpose? If they were, should we approach them and call them out? Or should we just rise above it? Us  SEN mums and dads have built up pretty thick skins haven’t we?
  • What point are you on your journey? My son is 11 now and we’ve had a diagnosis since the age of 6. I’m in a good place thanks to the support of my PAN friends and family so I feel that dependent on the comment I can either ignore it or quietly have a word with the person making the comment if it’s appropriate. But it’s taken a while to get this far!

One if the reasons we decided to have our branded PAN tops was specifically to help deal with comments, stares and ‘tuts’.  People have no excuse to make comments when you have a stonking great sign which clearly says you are ‘Parenting Additional Needs’ on your back! I guess they still will make comments though. For some people the comments are made because they don’t know how to explain what is different about our children to their own children.  

Whilst I would love to campaign for wider awareness of hidden disabilities I have rather a lot on at the moment…….DLA renewal is coming up!!!!!!


Busy, Busy, Busy

Right well because Im slightly mad, yesterday I agreed to be the co-chair of Derbyshire parent carer voice (parent forum). This is such a worthwhile cause. It is the main/only conduit for getting parents views back to the county council. Check out their website