Well Im back on line now.  The past few months have been busy at home and also in the world of PAN.  Lots of changes going on, we’re becoming a charity now, we are delivering an advocacy service for our members and we’ve started a siblings project to enable us to help the whole family.

My title has come from the fact that one of the tablets I take for my bad back has had the peculiar effect of keeping me up all night!! I mean literally ALL NIGHT.

I take lots of pain killers for the bad back that has developed from lifting, restraining and also dealing with Oscars epileptic seizures.  So there I am at 1am thinking if I dont go to sleep Im going to be exhausted tomorrow and dealing with a hyperactive Oscar. GREAT.

Anyone else experience this???

Keep an eye on the blog as Im going to be writing a summer survival blog for ROMPA

Esther xxxxx



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