PAN Sibs group

You may have noticed on the facebook page that I keep asking about a Sibs group.  Here is a post from Jordan who has a younger brother, Evan with Autism.

Hi, my name’s Jordan . I am 15 years old and i love dancing, music, singing, shopping and my best friend Zoe. I support Barcelona and Manchester united football clubs but I’m from Chesterfield. My 2 favourite movies are whip it and Monte Carlo. My 3 favourite bands are evanescence, fall out boy and Mcfly, and i love my family and friends.

This is me and my brother called Evan, he is 4 years old and he has Autism. He likes copying things.

I love playing games with him but he is very protective of his trains. Sometime he can be a bit boisterous especially when we have tickle fights. I now know when to stop he likes to put his bottom teeth in front of his top teeth i know that when he’s turning a bit “evil”. Sometimes he will copy things myself, my step-sister or anyone says, so we have to be careful what we say, i have been trying for a year now to get him to say “love you” and about a month ago he finally said i was so happy, even though he doesn’t understand what it mean i was still so cute. He used to say about 5 words now he is starting to say sentences and statements like
• IPad a choo train
• IPad a house of mouse
• Racing car go really fast
• Too high
• Oh no
• Ouch
He loves trains, especially Thomas the tank engine.

At Christmas we bought Evan a train table and when he saw it he didn’t really know what it was or what to do but then me, my step-sister (Demi) and my mum (Lisa) built it and he knows what to do now and he loves it. There is a grey bridge on the left and the mountain in the top left hand corner makes noises, when he first used it, it made him jump but now to us it’s annoying but to him he loves it.




Yesterday a few members of PAN met up at the park to play with our new parachute.  Im not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults!  It was a fantastic workout for my bingo wings!